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Dr. Robert Cleaves


Dr. Robert N. Cleaves

Founder and President, Los Angeles, California
Dr. Cleaves is an attorney. He holds a Bachelor of Science of Law, Bachelor of Law and Juris Doctor degrees from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. in Strategic Studies. He was a jet fighter pilot and test pilot from 1950-1986, first on active duty in the United States Air Force and then on Reserve duty as a deputy Judge Advocate General (JAGAR). His civilian aeronautical license is "Airline Transport Pilot", which is the highest aeronautical rating issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. He is rated in single and multi-engine land and sea aircraft and has accumulated more than 10,000 hours as pilot-in-command.

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+1 310 472 2593
1224 Roberto Ln
Los Angeles, CA


He represented President Ronald Reagan at the transition of Rhodesia to Zimbabwe in 1980, and later on in matters relating to Angola during its civil war and was alternate US Ambassador to South Africa. Dr. Cleaves, along with Dr. Ian Player, co-founded The International Wilderness Leadership Foundation (The WILD Fdn) which has put on six World Wilderness Congresses (Johannesburg, Cairn, Inverness, Denver/Estes Park, Norway and India) attended by more than seventy nations of the world. The sixth WWC took place in India in 1998. Dr. Cleaves has been involved in conservation and antipoaching in southern Africa since 1968 and is regarded as an expert in the use of aircraft in antipoaching.

On April 20, 1997 Dr. Cleaves received the United Nations Earth Day/Earth Fair "International Environment Award." Was first FAA Aviation Accident Counselor in Western Region, GADO-6, April 1972, and is an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor to date.

On September 7, 2004, in the Senate wing of our Nation’s Capitol, he received the 2004 “Distinguished Volunteer Pilot Award” for public benefit flying from National Aeronautic Association.

On May 9, 2005, he was presented the Wright Brothers ’Master Pilot” award by Marion C. Blakey, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, “…in appreciation for your dedicated service, technical expertise, professionalism, and many outstanding contributions that further the cause of aviation safety.”

The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (F.A.I.), the world sanctioning body for aviation and aerospace records, presented Dr. Cleaves with its prestigious “Diplome Paul Tissandier” award in Paris on October 12, 2005, “…for outstanding services to Aeronautics and Airports, and especially for his selfless voluntary work flying humanitarian missions in Mexico and wild-life protection patrols in Africa”.

Bob and General James H."Jimmy" Doolittle June 1968 at SMO



Rosanne J. Silberling, Ed.D., R.N., M.N.

Executive Vice President, Northridge, California
Dr. Curtis is the Dean of Nursing at West Coast University’s Los Angeles campus. She provides leadership to faculty and students in the Nursing programs. Dr. Curtis participates in development and oversight of faculty and staff while ensuring the academic scholarly work which meets the University’s mission of offering a dynamic learning experience to students. Dr. Curtis also oversees the departmental work efforts with direct accountability for high quality and timely deliverables that optimize student welfare while meeting business imperatives. Dr. Curtis is a registered nurse and graduate with honors from Mount St. Mary’s College (BSN), UCLA (M.N.) and Pepperdine University (Ed.D.). She is a published author of numerous journals and is a member of the Association of the Colleges of Nursing, a member and Chair of the Association of California Nurse Leaders, a founding member and first Chair of the Greater San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles Nursing Resource Coalition, and a Fellow of the California Health Care Foundation Leadership Program.

Harold E. Lowder, M.D.

Vice President - Humanitarian Services, Northridge, California
Dr. Lowder specializes in emergency medicine. He has extensive experience in air ambulance operations, disaster management and primary care, and is a judicially qualified medical expert on child and spousal abuse cases. He headed the only U.S. medical team to enter Kobe, Japan, following the 1995 earthquake and has firsthand experience with the Northridge earthquake that struck Los Angeles in 1994. Dr. Lowder's experience in aviation is extensive, with degrees in aeronautical engineering, numerous flight instructor ratings in airplanes and helicopters, and he has constructed his own homebuilt airplane.

Emmy S. Cleaves

Secretary and Treasurer, Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Cleaves is an accountant and, formerly for many years, personal financial manager for Republic Corporation CEO Gerald Block.




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