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Ways of Giving to Wilderness Conservancy

Gifts to Wilderness Conservancy are tax deductible. Donations should be made payable to "Wilderness Conservancy" or "WILDCON" and delivered to 1224 Roberto Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90077-2334. Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr. Robert N. Cleaves, President of Wilderness Conservancy, at the foregoing address or by telephone (310) 472-2593, fax (310) 476-7527, or by email addressed to: bob@wildcon.org.

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Donate instantly and securely two ways: via NetworkforGood.org with their link to Wilderness Conservancy's donation page (you will need to allow their website's cookie).

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or via PayPal.

Cash gifts, either by check or currency, are easy to make and receive. A charitable income tax deduction is available to U.S. taxpayers who itemize. Please consult your tax advisor for full details about the tax implications of cash and other gifts.

Gifts in Kind
Gifts in kind, or non-cash gifts, are gratefully received by Wilderness Conservancy. Such gifts might include, by way of example, computers, printers, FAX machines, copy machines, camping gear, arms, ammunition, cameras, binoculars, aircraft, vehicles, works of art, jewelry, etc., which Wilderness Conservancy can then supply directly to its projects. For gifts that are not directly related to a project, such gifts can be auctioned, raffled or otherwise sold by Wilderness Conservancy in order to provide funds with which to buy project needed items.

Long-term Appreciated Securities
When securities which have been held for longer than one year are donated directly to Wilderness Conservancy, the donor can take the current market value of the securities as an itemized charitable deduction. Such as gift eliminates capital gains tax liabilities and provides income tax or state savings. To insure this, the securities themselves need to be donated, not just the proceeds of their sale.

Depreciated Securities
Long-term depreciated securities are best sold by the donor to establish a capital loss deduction. When the cash proceeds are donated to Wilderness Conservancy, the amount of the gift can then be taken as an itemized charitable deduction.

Life Insurance
When a policy is given to Wilderness Conservancy, the donor can take the policy's cash surrender value as a charitable deduction. Future premium payments paid by the donor are also tax deductible. A future benefit is that the proceeds of the policy are not subject to estate taxes.

Life Income Plans
There are a variety of ways to make gifts of cash, appreciated securities or real estate to Wilderness Conservancy and retain life income for the donor and one or more beneficiaries. These gifts are partially tax deductible and offer estate tax benefits as well.

Gift Annuities
These will pay a guaranteed sum (based on the age of the recipients), regardless of interest rates. The returns are partially tax free.

Charitable Remainder Trust
These trusts, when funded by irrevocable gifts to Wilderness Conservancy, will pay either a fixed yearly sum, in case of a Charitable Remainder Trust, or a variable income, through a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Real Estate
Gifts of appreciated real estate can provide major tax and real estate planning benefits. They can also be used to create a life income trust. Such gifts can be outright donations, or can be made with a provision of a life-tenancy in the case of a house or farm.

An outright bequest to Wilderness Conservancy is fully deductible for purposes of Federal estate taxes, and is exempt from state inheritance taxes. While thus reducing or even eliminating the taxes on your estate, the bequest can establish a lasting memorial to you or someone you wish to honor.

Matching Gifts
If you work for a company which matches charitable gifts made by its employees, be sure to complete and enclose with your gift the forms necessary to multiply your gift. (Please check with your employer to see if they match employee contributions.)



AN EXPRESSION OF GRATITUDE: Wilderness Conservancy’s projects are funded by many wonderful people and to name and thank them all would take up several pages. However, we want to thank Wendy and Larry Debeck of Sidney, British Columbia, Canada, who through their yoga studio, hosted a fund raising program that did much more than raise funds for costly aviation fuel for our antipoaching aircraft in southern Africa but resulted in very generous donations that allowed Wilderness Conservancy to fund the purchase of a new BatHawk aircraft that went into antipoaching operation in December 2015 in the Gorongoza National Park in Mozambique. In addition, I want to thank Dr. Marr Mullen of Seattle, Washington, and Michael and Jeanie Casey of Novato, California, whose generous support over many years has helped keep our aircraft in the air with fuel, maintenance and many other badly needed supplies and equipment. 

We want to especially recognize an amazing little 6 year old girl and her friends who have come to our aid. She is Lydia Joiner, granddaughter of Michael and Jeannie Casey. Lydia, her little sister Juliet and 12 of Lydia’s school pals, put on a bake sale and raised $227.63 on an important project they titled “Help Save The Elephants”. That donation has far more value than the money alone as it displays the deep concern and love for wonderful African elephants. Thank you Lydia!


Lydia's Bake Sale








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