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Elephant Family Update

Our donors can be very proud of their funding of the purchase of the family of nine elephants in 1996 from the National Parks Board of South Africa. They were due to be shot in order to reduce the then burgeoning elephant population in Kruger National Park. They now flourish in Shamwari Game Reserve and have multiplied to more than 24.

The elephant family which Wilderness Conservancy purchased from the National Parks Board (NPB) of South Africa in 1996 with funds generously donated by the American public, is alive and well. The family might otherwise have been culled (killed) in the NPB program to reduce the number of elephants to a level that Kruger National Park (KNP) could support.

That family, inclusive of two juveniles, was relocated from KNP to Shamwari Game Reserve (near Port Elizabeth and Addo Elephant Park in the Province of the Eastern Cape), nearly 800 miles southeast - at that time the longest relocation of adult elephants ever accomplished. Since the relocation in 1996 the family has given birth to four calves. The health of all of the Wilderness Conservancy elephants is excellent. They are well out of harm's way and are living in a habitat that is lush in food and which has a very suitable climate. This success was made possible by the donations of many Americans and by Shamwari Game Reserve, which provides the habitat, security and veterinary care for the family.

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