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Air Support for Gray Whales, Orcas, Sea Turtles and more, comes to the coasts of California, Baja California and the Sea of Cortes

A Cessna 206 is now in conservation service along the Baja California, Mexico, shores. While the effort of Mitsubishi to construct the world’s largest salt mine at San Ignacio Lagoon has been defeated – thanks to many NGOs, individuals and the government of Mexico – the whales are still targets of some whaling fleets bent on killing them for pet food and Japanese dining tables. The aircraft will patrol the gray whale migration routes to spot and report illegal whalers. In addition, the shores of Baja California will be patrolled to protect endangered sea turtle nesting sites from turtle and egg poachers and will be used to locate Orcas (killer whales) in the Sea of Cortes that will be tagged and transmitters attached, then radio tracked with the aircraft to determine migration routes and calving grounds. Funding is needed to supply fuel, maintenance, insurance and other costs of operation.


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