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PROJECT CARE - Mission and Resources

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Cessna Updated | Wounded Warrior | Veteran’s Administration


Since its first antipoaching aircraft was put into operation in Zimbabwe in 1990, its aircraft have helped save human lives by providing air ambulance service to carry wounded and injured game scouts, the occasional injured tourist and injured and sick villagers from the bush to hospitals. Wilderness Conservancy has brought its experience home and is rendering humanitarian (healthcare and educational) services to indigent people in Baja California, Mexico. For a report on the projects please read our Newsletter

To provide free air transportation for infants, children, adults and senior citizens who are in need of critical medical care but who cannot afford commercial air transport to bring them to their medical destination;;

To provide free air transportation and free health care services (doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.) to those who cannot afford them yet whose medical/dental condition or location precludes transportation to a healthcare facility - i.e., the rendition of health care services on the site of the one/s in need. This type of service brings the health care provider to the person or village on an "as needed" basis or on a regular basis, as may be required;

To grant the wish of terminally ill children, adults or senior citizens that would like to experience flight in aircraft.

Wilderness Conservancy Vice President - Humanitarian Services - Harold E. Lowder, M.D., is in charge of "Project CARE." Dr. Lowder specializes in emergency medicine. He has extensive experience in air ambulance operations, disaster management and primary care, and is a judicially qualified medical expert on child and spousal abuse cases. He headed the only U.S. medical team to enter Kobe, Japan, following the 1995 earthquake and has firsthand experience with the Northridge earthquake that struck Los Angeles in 1994. His experience in aviation is extensive, with degrees in aeronautical engineering, numerous flight instructor ratings in airplanes and helicopters, and has constructed his own homebuilt airplane.

Wilderness Conservancy welcomes medical doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care providers who would like to volunteer their time and expenses to support their role in carrying out the mission of "Project CARE."



Humanitarian and Environmental Air Operation in Baja California: Helping indigent people in Baja California with medical supplies/equipment and school supplies, and providing antipoaching patrol to reduce the killing of endangered sea turtles and the poaching of their eggs, and to eliminate illegal fishing and long line fishing that kills virtually all marine life in its wake.

Medical and school supplies for small clinics and remote schools have helped solve health and educational needs Every year since late 2000.

Air Support for Gray Whales, Orcas, Sea Turtles and more, comes to the coasts of California, Baja California and the Sea of Cortes
A Cessna 206 is now in conservation service along the shores of Baja California, Mexico

Cessna Update - The mission of the Cessna 206 in southern Africa (see Cessna History)

Wounded Warrior - Wilderness Conservancy's Project CARE has established a fund and some very generous donors have contributed to that fund in order to help our wounded warriors cope with the trauma they suffered

Veteran’s Administration - Repair and upgrade the shop trailer of Tony Bravo, a barber who has donated his time to giving veterans free haircuts for 20 years

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