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Veteran’s Administration

As reported in the October 1, 2012, report: ”For more than 20 years, Tony Bravo, a barber, has donated his time to giving veterans free haircuts. The barber shop is located in a trailer which Mr. Bravo furnished on the West Los Angeles campus of the Veteran’s Administration. The trailer is well over 40 years old and is in very bad condition. The roof leaks badly when it rains and, given the lack of air-conditioning, is extremely hot in the summer months. Wilderness Conservancy’s Project CARE has undertaken to repair and upgrade the barber shop trailer with the approval of the VA. It will have a new water proof roof and a shade awning so that wheelchair bound vets (who cannot now get into the trailer for a haircut as it does not have wheelchair access) can be given a haircut under the new awning just outside the trailer main door. Engineering has been accomplished and a contractor selected.” This project was completed in early 2013 and the barber shop now has a new waterproof roof, is secured to the ground, has a shade awning allowing wheelchair bound vets to be served easily, has air-conditioning for summer and heat for winter, a new paint job and many more improvements.


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