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New Busses for School Kids

There are two very dedicated teachers in Baja - Martin Mendez at the handicapped children's school at Todos Santos and Antonio Perez in a one room schoolhouse for farm kids 15 miles south of Todos Santos. Martin (with the help of some volunteer ex-pats) drove his car each day to pick up handicapped kids and bring them to the Special Education school where they receive an education to help them become self-sufficient. Antonio, at his own expense and with his rather old pickup truck, drove out each day to the farms to pick up the children of farm laborers who otherwise have no way to get to school. Antonio's route carried him over rough dirt roads and the bed of his truck carried as many as fifteen kids. The year before two kids fell out of the truck and broke some bones. Neither Martin nor Antonio earns much money as teachers but they happily spent their money on gas and maintenance of their vehicles, not to mention school, books and supplies for their kids.

With the help of a very generous anonymous donor Wilderness Conservancy was, through its "Project CARE," able to purchase two new school busses with heavy duty suspensions and cooling systems, and air-conditioning, one for use by Martin and the other for Antonio, and put them into service in January 2002. In addition, all operating expenses are being furnished. Other donors are helping buy Spanish language school books and supplies for the kids and Wilderness Conservancy carries the books and other supplies in its Cessna 206. It would have carried the two busses in it aircraft but they were a bit too big and heavy.

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