The Cessna 206 utility aircraft serves a dual role. It is an aircraft well suited for bush operations and is the type that has performed well with Missionary Aviation Fellowship, Wings of Hope and many others in worldwide healthcare projects. Thus, the Cessna working with both the private and public sectors in South Africa and Mexico has initiated a volunteer service to accomplish the following goals:

  • To provide free air transportation for infants, children, adults and senior citizens who are in need of critical medical care but who cannot afford commercial air transport to bring them to their medical destination;

  • To provide free air transportation and free health care services (doctors, dentists, nurses, etc.) to those who cannot afford them yet whose medical/dental condition or location precludes transportation to a healthcare facility - i.e., the rendition of health care services on the site of the one/s in need. This type of service brings the health care provider to the person or village on an "as needed" basis or on a regular basis, as may be required;

  • To grant the wish of terminally ill children, adults or senior citizens that would like to experience flight in aircraft.

  • Helping indigent people in Baja California with medical supplies/equipment and school supplies, and providing antipoaching patrol to reduce the killing of endangered sea turtles and the poaching of their eggs, and to eliminate illegal fishing and long line fishing that kills virtually all marine life in its wake.


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