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Game scouts and their families live in compounds deep in the bush, far from schools. When their children become of age they are sent off to boarding school. But in the bush the pre-school children do not have the luxury of day care, pre-school facilities or supplies.

WILDCON has undertaken to supply some of these remote locations with school books, school supplies, clothing, foot wear and toys. This has inspired some of the mothers to assemble the children on a daily basis and to teach them hygiene, manners, deportment, to play cooperatively and the importance of environmental conservation. It has been a morale booster for the fathers who are away from their families on 14 day patrols.

For example, when delivering the two new aircraft to South Africa in August and September, 1996, there was also 3,500 pounds (100 boxes) of school supplies in the container (paper, math, science and other academic books, pencils, coloring books and crayons, clothing, foot wear, 15 good used computers and printers, games and toys, etc.).






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