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Dr. Ian C. Player

Dr. Ian C. Player (Deceased – November 2014) Member, Board of Directors of National Parks Board of South Africa (Retired) Member, Board of Directors of KwaZulu-Natal Nature Conservation Service (Retired) Vice Chairman of Wilderness Foundation and Founder and Member of Board of Trustees or Wilderness Leadership School Formerly Member, Board of Directors of Natal Parks Board; Chief Nature Conservator of Natal Parks Board, South Africa, and in the 1950s and 1960s headed up “Operation Rhinoceros” that saved the then endangered white rhino from extinction.

Walter C. "Pat" Quinn

President of The ZOO, Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

Vance Martin

President of The WILD Foundation (The International Wilderness Leadership Foundation, Inc.), Boulder, Colorado, USA

In memoriam and with honor, the following members who served with distinction until they passed on in 1997:

Dr. Enos J. Mabuza

Chairman Board of Directors of National Parks Board of South Africa

Nick Steele

Director of KwaZulu Department of Nature Conservation, South Africa




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